fake number se Whatsapp kaise chalayen 100% warking bsmaurya

fake number se Whatsapp kaise chalayen 100% warking

fake number se Whatsapp kaise chalayen 100% warkingWelcome to the viewing family, friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about how to generate fake WhatsApp number. In this post, I am telling you the best 4 apps which give us a temporary WhatsApp number, through which we can use WhatsApp with a foreign number. For similar tricks and tips related to WhatsApp, you can follow our technical family.fake number se Whatsapp kaise chalayen 100% warking

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Before knowing how to find fake whatsapp number, let us see the answers to some important questions.

What to do if WhatsApp is not working?

If your WhatsApp is not working, it may be that your WhatsApp account has been banned or you may not be receiving messages or calls on the number of your WhatsApp account from which OTP is sent. So in such a situation, you can use WhatsApp by generating a fake/temporary WhatsApp number.

How to get OTP of fake whatsapp number?

Whenever you extract a number using fake number generator for whatsapp and want to log in to WhatsApp, you will also get OTP in the same number generator app in which you have extracted this number. I am telling you its complete information one by one below.fake number se Whatsapp kaise chalayen 100% warking bsmaurya 

How to use WhatsApp without a number?

You can easily start your WhatsApp without any SIM by using videshi WhatsApp number generator apps. For this, it is not necessary for you to have a number and you can easily use WhatsApp without any number.

app list to run whatsapp without sim

There are many apps to run WhatsApp without SIM which


You can create a WhatsApp account from a foreign number without a SIM. If the list of best 5 such apps is given here.

videshi number wala whatsapp chalane wala app :

  1. eSIM number
  2. Text me
  3. 2nd phone number
  4. 2nd line
  5. FreeTons call

eSIM number

On numero esim you can generate virtual number for WhatsApp account. It has a lot of downloads on Play Store and it has been available on Play Store for a long time. It is absolutely free to download. With its help, you can create any social account by taking virtual number. Can. It is very easy to use. To login into it, you will need an email ID. Here you can also login directly with your Google account.

Text me

Text Me mobile app is an app which is available for free on Playstore, and more than one crore downloads have been completed on Playstore. With the help of “Text me second phone number app” you can easily create a virtual mobile number and use WhatsApp without SIM. And you can create a whatsapp account with usa number (fake whatsapp kaise banaye).

2nd phone number

2nd phone number app is also available for free on Play Store. In this also you can open WhatsApp account with a foreign number and you can choose any number of your choice but in this also you have to face some challenges which are You will have to find the numbers registered on WhatsApp in this.

Second phone number: You can run WhatsApp account from any virtual number without giving any SIM card.

2nd line

With 2nd Line app you can also create WhatsApp accounts with USA and foreign numbers. In this, you get a chance to select the number only once, so you have to select the numbers thoughtfully. Because most of the numbers you will find in all the apps will not be registered when you enter them on WhatsApp, so you have to check the number and select your number. If you want to download this app and want complete information about it then go to videshi number wala whatsapp (How to create WhatsApp from foreign number) page.

2nd line apk download latest version and old version

FreeTons call

With free tone calling and texting apk you can easily open whatsapp account with usa number. This app can be downloaded for free from Play Store, it is completely safe.

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