YouTube shorts यू ट्यूब से पैसा कैसे कमाए,


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How to earn money from YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts से पैसे कमाने का क्या तरीका है?

If you make short videos on YouTube or you have a plan to create a YouTube Shorts channel, then there is good news for you because now YouTube is going to monetize short videos and short videos channels from 1 February 2023. In this post, the process of how to monetize youtube shorts channel has been described.

YouTube shorts से पैसे कमाने का { new } क्या तरीका है?

Like Tiktok and other short video platforms, youtube has also given the feature of uploading short videos. Till now there was no good way to earn money from short videos. Nor was there any option to monetize the short channel. But now from February 1, 2023, youtube shorts channels will also be monetized and they will be able to earn money like a channel with long videos. Today, youtube has confirmed this by sending an email to all the creators.

If we talk about short channel monetization elegiblity then it is something like this


you want to make a youtu  be channel


  • Have to upload short videos on it (videos less than 1 minute)

  • Your channel should have 1000 subscribers in 90 days

  • Total views of your short videos should be 10M in 90 days

  • If you also put long videos, then the total watch time should be 4000 hours.

  • Short video channel gets 90 days and communication channel gets 1 year to complete what they ge

  • As in your case you can improve your channel

  • get less one adsense expense


One later note, if you will show short videos on your channel then you will monetize 90’s 1000 subscribers and up to 10 million TV channel, and you will also make it short video. It was going to take 4000 hours to fix, a year’s time. Whatever is right, depending on what the channel can do for monetization.YouTube shorts

You can also do communication, sponsorship, earn money and join from your channel. Start aaj tak youtube shorts channel and your dearest darling. Discuss on social media from 1 February 2023.