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Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download Vegamovies  Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma’s new picture has come, ‘Jogira Sara Ra Ra’. We have taken see. Let’s tell how is the picture, but before that watch the interview of Nawaz and Neha Sharma.

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There is one Yogi whose jugaad never fails. It is his profession to arrange marriages of people. But this time the camel has sat on a different side. He has to break Dimple’s marriage. For this he has to make many efforts. Marriage also breaks down. But Dimple’s father turns the marriage gun towards Jogi. What happens after that you will see in the picture. Rest, whatever I have told you, you have seen more in the trailer itself. It means to say that if you have already seen the trailer of the film, then before watching the full picture, 80 percent of the story will be in front of you. I had this hope, maybe some more new secrets will open. Perhaps some new layers have to be unearthed now. But in this case there was disappointment.Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download Vegamovies

Jogira Sara Ra Ra movie Download vegamovies


Kushan Nandy is the director of ‘Jogira Sara Ra Ra’. He has earlier made ‘BabumoshaiJogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download Vegamovies   Bandookbaaz’ with Nawaz. So they know what to get Nawaz done. What do people like about him? But the style of ‘Jogira’ is different from Nandi’s previous film. No dark just comedy. Such a comedy, behind which there is no purpose, no meaning. It’s not that you won’t laugh. But in that laughter, the matter will be double meaning in some places. At some places a situational comic dialogue will come. Somewhere the actor’s comic timing will be a reason for laughter. Actually the problem with this picture is this, we have seen films like ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ of the same genre. In a way, we have also seen ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, the mother of such movies. In such a situation, there is

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download HD 480p, 720p Review

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download HD 480p, 720p Review bsmaurya
 no newness in ‘Jogira’. Laughter comes in pieces. Like watching small sketches on YouTube. Yes, There is complete laughter in the last 15 minutes. If I want to see something like this, I will watch old episodes of ‘Taarak Mehta Show’. Dilip Joshi will be seen there instead of Nawaz.

The film has been written by Ghalib Asad Bhopali. He was the writer of ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’. The biggest mistake he and the director have made is in capturing the language of the characters, as is often the case with Bollywood films. I do not understand, the story is set in Lucknow, but Kanpuria has raised the tone of speaking. The people of Bareilly are also talking in

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p

Kanpuriya accent. Bollywood has to understand that there is not only Kanpur in UP. And there are many other places. Also, each region has a different accent. A little more research should be done before writing the script. This film does the work of hitting punches only through dialogues. Many times an attempt has been made to attract the attention of the audience by putting Nawaz’s monologues. There has also been an attempt to copy his monologue of Freaky Ali. There are many broken monologues in this too.

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Nawaz is the Hanuman of this film. He has carried it on his shoulder. If he was not there, what would have happened to this picture? Although the character of Jogi matches Freaky Ali exactly. Nawaz has done the same acting. Like Freaky has been picked up and thrown into the world of ‘Jogira Sara Ra Ra’. His comic timing is great. You don’t have to make a lot of effort to make them laugh. He delivers his dialogues in such a way that it makes you laugh. In some places, Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download Vegamovies   they just do a little over acting. Neha Sharma had a lot to do in this film. He has tried too. But there has not been much success. She is looking beautiful. There has been beauty in acting at some places. But his

Jogira Sara Ra Ra Movie Download

performance keeps on eating hiccups. Somewhere smooth, somewhere bumpy. Rohit Chowdhary has played the character of Manu who works with Jogi. He has done a fine job. He should get more work. Sanjay Mishra has acted like butter as always. He has become proficient in the genre of comedy. It is difficult to overcome them. Mahaakshay Chakraborty has also acted according to his character. The work of Nawaz’s mother Zarina Wahab is also good. It means that everyone’s acting is fine. But the film is not that good in terms of cinema. This is what I have to say, if you don’t believe me, then watch the film.