Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi RishTa SS Part 1 – bsmaurya (A Match Made By God)


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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (The Pair Made By God) Part 1

I dedicate this SS to today’s sleeper who wanted me to write a relationship story taking inspiration from the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Thank you so much my dearest friend ingenuity_phoenix for the beautiful cover page.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi RishTa SS Part 1 – bsmaurya (A Match Made By God)

An old man was lying on his bed. He was Raghuveer Arora. He had his daughter Preeta with him. There was another man who had a thick mustache and beard.

Raghuveer: I am close to my death.


Preeta cries: Papa!

The man who was beside him said: Please don’t say that.

Raghu: I know that my time is near. But I am happy that my daughter and my favorite student Rishabh are with me.

The man they had was Rishabh who was a student of Raghuveer’s school.

Raghu: I am worried about my daughter. She will be alone after I leave this world. I don’t want that to happen. .so that I can die in peace.

Rishabh and Preeta are shocked.

Preeta: Papa!

Rishabh: Sir… what are you saying?


Raghu: I know it’s too early to digest. But please think about my condition. My last wish is to see my Preeta’s marriage. My Preeta will not find a better person than you Rishabh. I know you from childhood days Yes, both of you please do not object.

Tears welled up in Preeta’s eyes.

Preeta: Papa I am ready to marry Rishabhji for you.


Rishabh could not resist it.

Rishabh: I am also ready.

Raghuveer is relieved.



Rishabh and Preeta get married.


Preeta had tears in her eyes. Rishabh was also sad because of the situation.


Raghuveer smiled seeing the marriage. Suddenly his breath stopped. Preeta shouted.

Preeta: Papa!

Rishabh tries to console the crying Preeta, though he too is trying his best to control his tears.


After the cremation, Rishabh took Preeta to his home.

Preeta was very sad.

Preeta was nervous about sharing the room with Rishabh.

Rishabh understood.

Rishabh: Don’t worry Preetaji. I will sleep in the other room.


Preeta is relieved.

Rishabh cooks food and serves it for Preeta. Then he sat down to eat.

Rishabh: Preetaji..sit down and have your food.

Preeta: I don’t want food.


Rishabh: I can understand your condition. I also lost my parents in an accident. But if you don’t eat.. it is not good for your health. Your father will not like it. entrusted with the care. I want you to be healthy and happy. I will always try for this.

Preeta gets upset.

She started eating for the name.

Rishabh smiled.

Preeta: Very few husbands cook food for their wives. You cooked food for me. Thank you very much Rishabh.

Rishabh smiled.

Rishabh: It is my duty Preetaji. I will cook for you whatever you want. But you just eat your food on time.

Preeta: Rishabhji no need to take any trouble. You will be busy with your office work. After coming home you take rest. I will cook. I like to cook.

Rishabh smiled: Thank you Preetaji.



Rishabh met his Sameer at his salon. Sameer is a hairstylist. Sameer is surprised to know that Rishabh has got married.

Sameer: ​​I am sorry that I could not attend your wedding.


Rishabh: I am sorry Sameer. Everything happened so quickly that I could not invite you to my wedding.

Sameer: ​​Okay. But you come with your wife to my house for dinner.

Rishabh: Sure.



Rishabh reached home. Preeta serves him food. Rishabh ate happily.

Rishabh: Preetaji… you have magical hands. You are a good cook.

Preeta smiles.

Suddenly Preeta became emotional.

Preeta: Papa taught me to cook.

His eyes filled with tears.

Rishabh wipes her tears. But Preeta fell on his chest and cried.


Rishab smiles as it was his first hug and hugs her.

Preeta regains consciousness and walks away from Rishabh.

Rishabh: Preetaji… my friend Sameer has invited us for dinner at his house. So don’t cook anything tomorrow. We will go to Sameer’s house.

Preeta: Okay.



Rishabh and Preeta went to Sameer’s house. Sameer and his wife Srishti welcomed them.

Sameer: ​​We are very glad to meet you bhabhi.

Shrishti: Rishabhji…your wife is very beautiful.

Rishabh and Preeta smile.

They talked and laughed a lot.


Then have dinner together.

Preeta: Thank you very much for the lovely dinner. We really enjoyed it.

They all smiled.

Shrishti took the camera and said: Let me take a picture of the newly married couple. Rishabhji and Preeta..please stand next to each other.

Rishabh and Preeta were standing next to each other. But still there was a gap between them.


Shrishti: Preeta… you are more close to Rishabhji.

Sameer: ​​I agree with Srishti.


Preeta felt strange. Srishti pulled him and made him stand very close to Rishabh. Rishabh and Preeta felt strange. But without showing it, he smiled and posed for a picture.


Shrishti: Nice picture.

Rishabh and Preeta smile and move away from each other.

Shrishti: Tomorrow we are having a puja for couples. Both of you are newly married. That’s why both of you should attend the puja.

Rishabh: Sure.



The next day, Rishabh and Preeta go to Sameer’s house for the puja.

Panditji blesses both Rishabh Preeta and Sameer Srishti.

Sameer-Srishti became very happy.


Panditji: May God bless you. May you two be together and love each other till eternity.

Preeta becomes lethargic.

Rishabh saw Preeta’s sad face.

Rishabh: Preetaji..are you fine?

Preeta smiled: Yes Rishabhji.


He smiled.



After reaching home…

Preeta went to Rishabh.

Preeta: Rishabhji… I want to tell you something. I guess I should at least say this now because I don’t want to give you false hope. Please forgive me if I hurt you.

Rishabh was confused.

Rishabh: Okay Preetaji. You can call me whatever you want.

Preeta: Rishabhji…I really respect you a lot. I will also perform the duties of a wife. But I will not be able to love you.

Rishabh was broken.

Rishabh: Okay Preetaji. You don’t need to feel guilty. Maybe I don’t deserve you.


Preeta: No Rishabhji. It is nothing like that. You are a good person. But like any girl I have a concept about my life partner. He should be dashing and bindaas like a Bollywood hero.

Rishabh gets upset.

Rishabh: Okay Preetaji. I am not sad. We will remain good friends.

Preeta: Are you sure?

Rishabh: Yes.

Preeta is relieved.

Preeta: Thank you Rishabhji for understanding me.

Rishabh gave a faint smile.


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