Small Business Idea 2024 small machine, you can earn 2-3 thousand rupees daily

Small Business Idea 2024 small machine, you can earn 2-3 thousand rupees daily


Small Business Idea 2024 small machine, you can earn 2-3 thousand rupees daily Friends, today in this article, I am going to tell you about such a small business idea in which you can sell a product of Rs.10 for Rs.50 and earn good money because friends, this business is related to food and you must know that the profit margin is very high in food items.

Small Business Idea 2023

So friends, this business is the business of making Potato Spring Masala, nowadays this business is in trend because potatoes are made in the form of spring and fried in oil, and then different types of spices are added to it, which makes it look good and taste good too, and this is the reason why people are liking it very much, so friends, if you also do business of selling Potato Spring Masala in your area,

then you can also earn good money from it, although for this you have to do a little research to make this business run in your area. Don’t sing because it is a bit expensive and only people with money eat it, so you start it in a place where people with money live more so that you can get maximum sales and you get good profit,But still friends, even if you sell 50 potato spring masala of the day, you will still get a decent profit, so friends, now let’s know what things you will need to start this business, how much it will cost. And how much profit you will be able to earn from this.

You will need these two machines to make Potato Spring Masala

Friends, you will need two machines to make Potato Spring Masala, the first is Potato Spring Cutter Machine, you will get this machine from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 and the second machine is Spring Potato Fryer Machine, this machine will cost you Rs 7 to 8 thousand. will get.

How to make Potato Spring Masala

Friends, making potato spring masala is very easy, for this you do not need any special training, if you try a couple of times on your own, you will be able to make it well, so friends, to make potato spring masala, you must first peel the potatoes. And then put potato sting in it and make potato in spring form with potato spring cutter machine, then put it in spring potato fryer machine and fry it, when it is fried well, clean it with tissue paper. So that the extra oil gets cleaned and now you can put spices of different flavors in it, whichever flavor your customer wants, then friends, in this way you can easily make and sell Potato Spring Masala.

This business will cost so much

Friends, to do the business of making potato spring masala, you will have to buy two machines, for which you will need about 10 thousand rupees, apart from this, you will also need to buy potatoes, oil, salt, chili, spices, it will take 4-5 thousand rupees, that means friends, you can start this business for about 15,000 rupees.

Potato spring masala business will earn this much

Friends, it will cost you about 10 rupees to make one potato spring masala and you can sell it for 50 rupees, that means you are getting a profit of 40 rupees on each potato spring masala, and if you sell 50 potato spring masala in a day, then you will get a profit of 2000 rupees, although you can sell more than this, it depends on your location.

So friends, this was Potato Spring Masala Small Business Idea, from which you can earn 2 to 3 thousand rupees daily.