There is a ruckus in Pakistan over Ghadar 2 movie. Ruckus in Pakistan over Ghadar 2 movie


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There is a ruckus in Pakistan over Ghadar 2 movie. Ruckus in Pakistan over Ghadar 2 movie

Sunny Deol uprooted Pakistan’s handpump in his film Gadar: If a paper is not stamped, will Tara not go to Pakistan Tara will go to Pakistan and shake Pakistan Sunny Deol’s upcoming film Gadar 2 has created panic even before its release. .

On the other hand, in India, where people are crazy about this film, people have a tremendous reaction to the film, while in Pakistan the film is being opposed.

That too in a tremendous way as we know that Sunny Deol had uprooted Pakistan’s handpump in his film Gadar and razed Pakistan, due to which his film Gadar was banned by Pakistan, while now Pakistan was furious with Gadar 2. It happened and Pakistan has banned the release of the film itself.

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The people and the government there are angry with Gadar 2 and are opposing it, but our Tara does not mind because Tara will go to Pakistan and this time will create havoc there, whereas if we talk about the release of Gadar 2 in India. That’s why those who represent the Bollywood Jamaat have lost their sleep.

Because his film became a victim of Bhai Boycott culture and even before the release of Sunny Deol’s film, in such a positive response, if we talk about Karan Johar, then he got a discount recently. It is done and the same is now haunting them that what will happen to their Brahmastra which is made in 350 crores.

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Karan Johar is having sleepless nights, he is afraid, he will be harassed because the public has decided to set up a furnace for his Dharma production and what has happened to Aamir Khan’s film in front of him. Have seen it, but now his liger has also become a victim of this #boycott culture, brother says that the one who walks against the wind always loses.

The biggest thing is that the people who have taken you to this point today are showing you the attitude, wow brother, wow, stare at what you eat, then brother, then you should also bear the brunt of it because you are a big people and this public is nothing. Yes, that thing is different that this public can make anyone and can also destroy them.

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So now this people have thought of doing your Appa, Zappa, Dappa but the same people are considering Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 as different from Bollywood and are talking about giving all their love to her, even if Pakistan opposes her. Go, our dear Tara has said, no, the world knows that at the time of partition, we had given 65 crores to you people, then there was a tarpaulin on your roof.

There is no ability to avoid the rain and you people are talking about the ban and opposition of Gadar 2, so friends, how did you guys like this news, definitely tell us in the comment box and stay connected with us for such updates.

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