Trishanku’ which makes you laugh and entertain – Review

Trishanku’ which makes you laugh and entertain – Review


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Trishanku’ is an entertaining film with situational comedies.Trishanku’ which makes you laugh and entertain – Review  The main highlight of the film is the occasional comedies where the main characters are in ‘trishanku’. A very beautiful romance is also the attraction of the film. A parallel love breakdown also adds another layer to the picture.

The beginning of ‘Trishanku’ is made clear that ‘Sethu’ and ‘Megha’ have been in love for a few years. Naturally, at a point when Megha’s marriage plans become very active, the two decide to elope. Megha reached the bus stand early in the morning and waited for Sethu to go to Coimbatore, hoping not to be found by his family. Then ‘Sethu’ also strategically goes to ‘Megha’ on a bike and gets a call from home, a big twist in the storyline.thrishanku movie review in hindi 


‘Sethu’ forgets ‘Megha’ for a moment and has to go back to his house. Parents and uncles are in conflict due to an incident at Setu’s house. To solve it, ‘Sethu’ also has to come down with his uncles. ‘Sethu’ and his uncle take the bus to Mangalore. The plot of the film becomes interesting and eventful when ‘Megha’ also gets on the same bus. Later, Sethu’s attempts to keep his uncles from knowing about his relationship with his girlfriend ‘Megha’. The movie gets interesting when ‘Megha’ joins uncles and ‘Sethu’ due to certain circumstances and the father, who is also a former police officer, goes out in search of his daughter.

Trishanku’ which makes you laugh and entertain – Review

The film is directed by Achyut Vinayak. Achyut Vinayak has presented the film as an interesting travel comedy. Achyut Vinayak has crafted ‘Trishanku’ in such a way that it will entertain both the youth and the family audience. It is clear that Ajith Nair and Achyut Vinayak have cleverly tried to extract moments in the script that the audience can connect with. Achyut Vinayak and Ajith Nair in ‘Trishanku’ have very interestingly adapted laugh situations from some natural situations. Conversations have the same spontaneity. The flow of storytelling is also a feature of the film.

Arjun Ashoka plays the hero ‘Sethu’. The mannerisms of Arjun’s character ‘Sethu’ are in a way to acquire the friendship of the new generation of Malayalam. Arjun is able to capture the thoughts and expression of ‘Sethu’ with maturity and naturalness. ‘Megha’, played by Anna Ben, is more than a girl who loves ‘Sethu’. ‘Megha’ is a recognizable character in love too. Anna’s pakarnatham is ripe as ‘Megha’. Krishna Kumar, Suresh Krishna, TG Ravi, Nandu and others have done their roles beautifully.

While sticking to the theme of ‘Trishanku’, the songs are also pleasing to the ears. There are many lines in the song that the audience can hit repeatedly. Music direction is by Jai Unnithan. Jai Unnithan has composed the background music to add to the film’s audience.

Trishanku’ which makes you laugh and entertain

Arjun Ashokan Anna Ben film Thrishanku review hrk

Jayesh Mohan and Ajmal Sabu’s cinematography brings vibrancy to ‘Trishanku’. The signature of their camera can be seen in the footage of their journey and their arrival in Mangalore. The color tone also matches the storyline. Rakesh Cherumath’s cuts are also good for ‘Trishanku’.