Viral Girl Akanksha Mainpuri | After all, who is this viral girl, she will have fun, Kiran Nayak, will leave no stone unturned


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Viral Girl Akanksha Mainpuri | After all, who is this viral girl, she will have fun, Kiran Nayak, will leave no stone unturned

Recently, a video of a girl living in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh went viral and not thousands but lakhs of people saw this video of this girl, the world of social media is such that nothing can be said when and where it becomes viral. But suddenly the news of that girl’s death spread on social media, the news started going that due to this dance video, the girl’s in-laws had killed her.

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Even people started paying tribute, but no one agreed to know the truth of the news and the news of the girl’s death also spread like fire in the forest, on which millions of views started coming yesterday, but not at all as it was being told. Is.

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The girl is completely safe and her in-laws are not even married, so where will the in-laws come from, this girl’s name is being told as Kiran Nayak and Nick’s name Akanksha, after the video went viral, Kiran from home to school on Tuesday was out for.

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But when she did not reach home even after being discharged, the father had lodged a complaint with the police, after which the police station Dannahar police recovered the girl from Sukohabad Road, this girl told that her family was being pressurized about the video. Nearby people were saying that this dance is going viral, she will become a dancer and jumper.

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For this reason, when people quarreled more at home, she got angry and went out of the house without informing, this girl has told that she likes to dance but her family members do not like to dance, Akanksha is at her friend’s house. Akanksha’s video had become a favorite of people overnight after the video of the dance done wearing a sari went viral.

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