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What is Google Pay and how to use it

What is Google Pay: Google Pay is an Online Money Transfer App. What is Google Pay and how to use itWhich has revolutionized the

way we make online payments and do our financial transactions across the world today. In today’s time, everyone can transact with anyone in just a few clicks through this application to save their time. 

Where earlier there was a need to meet someone to make payment, in which your precious time was wasted, now you can do this work in just a few clicks with the Google Pay application.

What is Google Pay and how to use it

Google Pay has emerged as one of the most convenient mobile payment platforms in today’s digital age. Further in this article, I am going to tell you how to use Google Pay and how to enter the world of cashless transactions in this growing digital era.

How to activate Google Pay on your phone.

To use your Google Pay, first of all you have to follow some important steps which are given below.

#1. Download the Google Pay app: To download the Google Pay app, you have to go to your Google Play Store (for Android) and there you have to search for Google Pay, as soon as you search, the application appears in front of you, which you can download in one click. You can do the same steps for App Store (for iOS).

#2. Account Setup: After this you have to open the Google Pay app. And on that you should sign in with your phone no.

#3. Link Bank Account: You get to see an Add Bank account option on the home screen. By clicking on which you have to select the bank in which you have an account and fill the details. In some time your bank account will be linked with your google pay app.

How to pay with Google Pay.

#1. In-Store Payment:

  • Jake you open the Google Pay application at any offline store.
  • After the application is open, you will enter your Mpin in it, then you will be redirected to the application page.
  • After this you can pay by scanning the QR CODE of that store or by Phone NO.

Send and receive money with Google Pay

Google Pay lets you easily send and receive money from your friends and family:

  • Click on the “Send Money” option on the Google Pay app.
  • Enter the Phone no or UPI ID of the payee.
  • After this, a message is sent to you by Google Pay that so much has been paid from your account.

receive money:

  • If someone sends you money through Google Pay, you will get a notification by message.
  • You can also verify this by visiting your Google Pay app.
  • The payment amount will be added to your account balance immediately.

Google Pay History

  • Open the Google Pay application and click on “Transaction History” to view your Transaction History.
  • Where you can see your past payments, and on that you can see how much you paid to whom and on which day.

Google Pay has provided a safe and fast transaction platform to all of us today. Which has revolutionized the way we make payments today. In today’s time, whether you shop at any shop or shop on any online platform, or want to send money to your family and friends sitting far away. What is Google Pay and how to use it

So you can pay with Google Pay in just a few swipes. By reading this article, you can easily use Google Pay and know its capabilities. Thank you very much for reading this article till the end, if you like the article then do share it with your friends.